Cable Sleeving

Below are a few pics of a power supply that I added cable sleeving to.
It makes your case look better as well as improving airflow and making cable management much easier of a task.
To take on this project there are a few tools you will need to make it a lot easier. Photos of the tools as well as a link to the manufacturers site are below.

Cable Sleeving Cable Sleeving

Mod KitMod Kit

Sunbeamtech PSU Modding Tool Kit

I purchased my cable sleeving and tools at Jab-tech.
They have reasonable prices and shipping was fast. also has good prices and a large selection.

Mod Tools I used this inexpensive soldering torch to heat the shrink wrap. Be careful not to get the flame close enough to burn the sleeving or shrink wrap and it works just fine saving you the cost of a heat gun.
Case Case
Case Case

After the sleeving was finished my system CPU and MB were about ten degrees cooler.


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