Can't share after 15 minutes

Can't share after 15 minutes

Q: We just installed Windows 2003 server in our network. We can share files and printers. However, we will experience a connection issue after 15 minutes. When we try to access the server, we receive the server is not accessible or no longer accessible messages. Rebooting the server may work for another 15 minutes. What’s the problem?

A: Sound like master browser issue. The master browser is responsible for collecting host or server announcements, which are sent as datagrams every 12 minutes by each server on the network segment of the master browser. If one of the computers takes over the master browser role from the Windows 2003 server, that may cause the computer browsing problem.

To confirm that, use browstst to check the master browser status. Also check the event ID 8021 and 8032.

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